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Web Camera Drivers For Mac OSX

If you purchase some of the recommended, higher-end webcams featured on this site, you'll likely find they perform well and deliver a sharp, clear image right out of the box without any additional software / drivers / utilities needed. For many, simply improving and increasing the quality of your lighting can drastically improve your camera image.

Apple has never provided low-level, system-wide control or a System Preferences Pane for either built-in iSights or external USB web cameras in OSX - which is unfortunate. When a good webcam and good lighting isn't sufficient, additional 3rd-party Mac camera apps for image adjustment and webcam effects can help.

3rd-Party Web Camera Software For Macs

If you feel your particular Apple compatible webcam isn't performing optimally, there are several MacOS compatible webcam software options to try to tweak and improve your camera's response:

Logitech OSX Webcam Software

After many years of non-existent or marginal support for the many high quality Logitech webcams that work on Mac OSX, in the past few years Logitech has started to offer a few camera-specific apps for Apple users. You can download thier latest MacOS compatible webcam settings software here. Identify your model of Logi webcam and you'll be provided with download links to the appropriate Logitech capture or adjustment webcam app available for MacOS.

Nexigo Webcam Software

Not a famous brand name, but emerging as a better choice for Apple users the Nexigo Webcam Company makes a large range of affordable webcams from high-end 4K Pro models to cheap basic ones. They have a nice webcam settings app for MacOS available that works with many of their webcams on thier website's support page.

Spedal Webcam Software

Not a famous brand name, but emerging as a better choice for Apple users the Spedal Web Camera company makes a large range of affordable webcams from high-end 4K Pro models to dirt cheap no-frills ones. They have a basic webcam settings app for Mac OSX available for download. It works with most models of their webcams. It can be downloaded at their Apple App Store listing page.

iGlasses OSX Webcam Software

For many years, Ecamm's iGlasses webcam app was one of the few third-party programs that worked with most Apple compatible cameras and offered both image adjustment and web camera effects for Mac users.

Mactaris OSX Webcam Software

For precision webcam image adjustment under Mac OS, a relatively new developer Mactaris provides precision image control for nearly any OSX compatible web camera on the market. Available as an affordable $7.99 paid download from the Apple App Store, (search for 'mactaris') - it's our #1 recommendation for tweaking your camera image no matter who the manufacturer is.

ManyCam OSX Webcam Software

ManyCam is an important piece of software for Macintosh users who have multiple USB or FireWire webcams and want a way to SWITCH between cameras on the fly. An OSX version of ManyCam is still actively supported and available for download.

MacCam OSX Webcam Software

The Open Source software project Maccam has been around for years - though is now losing relevancy. In the early days of video chat on the Macintosh, webcam manufacturers didn't have the unifying USB Video Class specification to insure plug-and-play compatibility. Webcam drivers had tobe hand-written to each of the unique sensors used in the cameras. As such most manufacturers didn't want to spend money writing for the Mac market when drivers for the Windows platform were in much, much more demand. Maccam was an open source effort by many programmers to try to get what are now long obsolete and discontinued web cameras to work on the Apple platform.