Mac Webcam Privacy Policy

Mac Webcam Privacy Policy Page

This is the privacy policy page of - Here you'll find a short but sweet statement of notifications to website viewers about their online privacy, what's tracked, what isn't, how you can control your internet privacy along with little legal disclaimers that, like attorneys, bore the hell out of everyone with their legalese. That said, most websites have them, and this one does too. The major search engines like to see Privacy Policy pages as a signal of a site being legitimate and it's presence is your assurance of someone trying to play by the rules and not a fly-by-night operation.

Web Browser Cookies

Your web broswer stores 'Cookies' litttle bits of data about your activity on the web. Cookies store non-personally identifiable information but do track interests and behaviors and are often used to help website owners statistics code learn more about which pages interest you, how deeply you explored the site, how much time you spent visiting etc. You have the ability to delete and managy your browser cookies as you see fit. Personally we recommend you delete them periodically so that online advertisers have to start gathering behavioral data patterns from scratch again.

Affiliate Disclosure

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. To abide by the Federal Trade Commissions rules, this website clearly states it engages in affiliate marketing, the ability to earn revenue by listing and linking to online products - for which compensation may or may not be paid. Primarily, I'm a participant in the Amazon Associates Affiliate program, a means to earn revenue from listiing and referring site visitors to interesting products at USA. I also dabble in other affilate programs which may include eBay, Comission Junction, LinkShare or others.

How Email Addresses Are Handled

This website does not strive to collect email address via an opt-in form for marketing nor remarketing purposes. Many websites do try to get you on their email subscriber lists and will then email you periodically. This website does not.

There is a Contact Form on this website. This too is something the search engines like to see. There, you may send a comment if you feel you need to. You may or may not receive a reply - but in no case is the email address you willingly provide kept, saved, shared or stored for any purpose. You might get a reply and then your email and its contents will be deleted immediately and used for no other purpose.


This constitues the entirety of privacy policy page.