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Best Nexigo USB HD Web Camera Choices for Mac Users

Apple OSX Webcam Settings Software for Nexigo Web Cameras
Thanks to their commitment to Apple compatibility and extra webcam settings software support for MacOS, the extensive line of external USB Nexigo webcam options makes for a safe choice for any Mac user. Few 3rd party web camera brands offer a free webcam image adjustment and control app that works under Mac OSX. They're becoming a worthy competitor to Logitech's premium cams - with comparable web cameras across the feature and affordability spectrum - but at more compelling prices.

Our top pick for the best Mac Nexigo web camera on the premium end is the N940P USB-C Mac Compatible 2K Zoom Autofocus webcam with hardware zoom.

Nexigo 1080p @ 60FPS 2K HD Webcam

USB-C Adapter : Hardware Zoom Remote : Stereo Microphones

For a mid-range external HD USB web camera that's Mac-friendly, the N680 is a worthy alternative to Logitech's popular C920 / C922 web cameras.

Apple Compatible Nexigo 1080p Business Webcam for MacOS

Stereo Mic - Privacy Slider - Tripod Support - Autofocus

The optional NexiGo Webcam Software for Mac OSX allows you to customize all the available settings of your webcam while using Skype, Zoom, OBS, PhotoBooth, and other Apple video conference apps. It's available as a free download from the Apple App Store or directly from the Nexigo support site.

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Anker Power Conf Webcams Mac Compatible? Your Best Options

A new range of premium Apple compatible web cameras from AnkerWork have hit the market with their PowerConf line of HD and Ultra HD web cameras. Their MacOS compatible webcams also are supported by a downloadable Mac OSX webcam settings and camera control app to help get the maximum image quality and control over your video streaming and conferencing presence.

Their most interesting product is the AnkerWork B600 All-In-One HD webcam with a quad microphone array, side-firing stereo speakers, and an LED light bar for supplemental key or fill lighting to improve your image. This makes the B900 a VERY interesting and compelling solution for M1 Mac Studio and Mac mini computer owners who need a microphone, web camera and better speakers for their otherwise bare-bones Macintosh purchase.

Anker Flip-Up Light Bar Webcam For Mac

Microphone + Stereo Speakers + LED Ringlight

For a more traditional Premium 1080p HD webcam here's the OSX friendly Anker PowerConf C300 webcam with native USB-C interface for newer Thunderbolt 3 / Thunderbolt 4 M1 Mac computers.

High-Frame Rate Mac AI Autofocus Webcam

1080 HD at 60FPS : Great Mac Software Support

For a highly portable and compact external Mac compatible USB HD webcam, here's the affordable AnkerWork Power Conf 200 for Mac with dual mics and integrated webcam privacy control.

Portable Anker USB HD Web Camera for Mac

Stereo-Microphones : Built-In Privacy Shutter

For Anker's Mac OSX webcam software control app, just visit the AnkerWork software downloads section of their support site.

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Best Spedal Webcams For Mac? These Are Apple Compatible

Shopping for an affordable external USB web camera for Mac mini, Mac Studio or Mac Pro desktop? Here's a few of the best Spedal webcam choices for Macintosh users. Though a lesser known brand, Spedal has been around a long time and manufactures a line of HD webcams at a lower cost than comparable Logitech webcams do. More importantly, Spedal is one of the few 2nd tier web cam brands that offer Apple specific webcam image control software for OSX to get the best image possible for your online video conferencing, streaming and capture sessions.

Mac Compatible 4K Spedal Ultra-HD Webcam

Hardware Zoom : USB-C Adapter : Free Tripod

Above, Spedal's premium 4K webcam for MacOS model features hardware zoom via remote. An included USB-A to USB-C adapter makes it a great choice for newer M1 Mac computer models like the iMac Pro, Mac Studio and Mac mini with Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports.

Best Spedal Mac Webcam With 3-Level LED Ring Light

Auto-Focus Lens : Free Mini Tripod Included

Above, a selfie LED ringlight webcam alternative to the pricer Razer KIyo. Below, an alternative to Logitech's C930e wide-angle group conferencing camera at a fraction of the price.

Best Spedal Wide-Angle Webcam For MacOS

120 Degree FOV : Stereo Mics : With Free Tripod

Most 3rd party webcam makers don't offer free MacOS compatible software to help adjust the webcams light and color response, but Spedal does. Their Macintosh-friendly web camera settings app can be found at Spedal's support website - or by doing a quick search at the Apple App Store online.

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Wireless Inspection and Lab Microscopes For Mac OSX & iOS

Wi-Fi wireless microscopes compatible with Mac OSX or an iPad or iPhone running iOS are ideal for certain scenarios where a USB wired digital microscope isn't desired or practical. Here's a couple of the best Apple compatible wireless microscopes, one a low-cost scope for parts inspection and another for educational or business biology lab use.

For using your Macintosh or iGadget to inspect mechanical or electrical parts, here's an Apple compatible wireless inspection microscope that costs less that fifty bucks.

Wireless WiFi Mac Inspection Scope

Adjustable LED Lighting

For educational or business biologic lab examinations, a more conventional wireless Wi-Fi digital slide microscope for Mac or iOS may be preferred.

WiFi Wireless Mac Biology Lab Scope

Lens Kit With Up To 2000x Magnification

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A Wireless Wi-Fi Webcam for Mac or iOS? Yes!

Wireless Mac Compatible Web Camera
Fiinally! A wireless webcam for Mac! Again! With the introduction of the Mevo Start, Apple users finally have a 1080p HD Mac compatible wireless webcam live streaming and video capture solution that also works great with iOS too. Logitech recently introduced it's compact, battery-powered, USB and WiFi live streaming webcam at well under $400 USD.

An Apple Compatible Wireless Webcam Solution

Wireless Webcam For Mac OSX and iOS - Logi Mevo

Mac Webcam Streaming Over Wi-Fi or iOS Over Cellular

A Mevo Start wireless camera becomes a remotely selectable webcam over a Wi-Fi network or when connected to an Intel Mac via USB-C. (M1 Mac USB support is still in progress.) You can also use your iPhone to control the camera's capture or streaming over your LTE cellular connection. Mevo Start and it's apps even support switching between multiple cameras assuming you can afford several of them. Oh and it has a microSD card slot for saving recordings directly on the device.

Many years ago, the long discontinued 720p Logitech Broadcaster wireless webcam for Mac was Logitech's first foray into the Apple compatible wireless webcam space. It seems Logi has come up with a better Mac wireless webcam solution for live web streamers and content producers.

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A Wireless Bluetooth Webcam For Mac? Beware!

Bluetooth Webcam For Mac? Nope.
Apple users have long craved a low cost wireless webcam solution. Awhile back, Logitech had a Wi-Fi wireless webcam for Mac with it's Broadcaster webcam. Support was eventually discontinued and existing cams only work on much older versions of MacOS. Their newest Mevo WiFi webcam for Mac is pretty cool. In the meantime, no Bluetooth webcams ever appeared on the market for good reason. Bluetooth is a slow, low bandwidth solution that is probably utterly incapable of streaming 3 or 6 let alone 30 to 60 Frames Per Second of high definition HD video. Which is basically why Bluetooth web cameras were never really a viable thing for anything other than audio, sharing a picture to a friends phone, or sending a few pages of text to a printer.

Well, in my online product research, I stumbled across a Mac compatible webcam with Bluetooth. A China knockoff UVC webcam with Bluetooth functionality, of sorts. That works on a Mac... But that's deceiving. This no-name cheap webcam with Bluetooth is really just a USB web camera with a built-in Bluetooth dongle that you could connect a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone to. A BT transmitter dongle for audio only - in a generic webcam shell.

Not A 'REAL' Bluetooth Mac Webcam

Bluetooth Earbud, Headset AUDIO Support Only!

What it doesn't do is transmit video over Bluetooth in any way shape or form. What it isn't is a real Bluetooth webcam for Mac or PC video conferencing. What it has is a switch you can slide between using the PC and Mac compatible webcam's internal microphone via USB or switched to the Bluetooth mode logo next to a Pairing button. So I guess you can try to tell your Apple AirPods to Pair with the Bluetooth signal in the webcam. But then all Mac's already have Bluetooth, so what's the point of a camera like this?!?

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Mac Compatible Webcams With Built-In Speakers

Mac Webcam With Internal Speakers
Shopping for a MacOS compatible web camera with built-in speakers? Professional group video conference cameras for business have long had them. However, more affordable personal webcams with internal speakers are showing up in the market. Mac friendly speakerphone webcams may make the most sense for Apple Mac Studio, Mac mini or Mac Pro desktop computer users, less so for MacBook Pro and Air, perhaps.

NewView Speakerphone Webcam For MacOS

2 Watt Speaker : Multi-Microphone Array

Often larger and wider than most personal webcams to accommodate the speaker drivers, the bulkier speakerphone web cameras might precariously perch atop a MacBook laptop's display. Most include a tripod mount option in the base of the clip for more stable placement. Note: Of the 3 speaker cams featured here, one has upward pointing, another forward, and yet another has rear-facing speaker directionality; something to consider.

eMeet Mac Webcam With Speakers

Stereo Speaker Drivers : 4 Noise Cancelling Microphones

Similar to the UVC - USB Video Class webcam standard that makes most cams Mac OSX compatible, the above NewView and eMeet web cameras with internal speakers also support UAC - USB Audio Class and show up in Apple's Sound Preference Pane as an available audio output device.

CaseCube All-In-One Ring Light Speaker Webcam

Separate 1/8" Audio Cable. Touch Button Light Control

Be aware: The above CaseCube 2K USB webcam with speakers and ring light is different from the others. Like some USB powered speakers, it uses a separate 1/8" - 3.5mm audio input cable to connect to the webcam's stereo speakers to your Mac. That might not be ideal depending on your Apple computer setup -- so it's something to be aware of in your Mac speaker webcam shopping evaluations.

Cheapest 4K Webcams For Mac OSX?

Shopping for an affordable Apple compatible HD webcam that supports 4K resolutions under MacOS? When the first Mac compatible 4K web cameras like the Logitech Brio and LUMINA 4k web camera hit the market, the pricing was nearly double previous generations of premium 1080p HD webcams, and are still well over $100 USD.

However, cheap 4K webcams for MacOS like the Unzano 4K and Depstech 4K are starting to hit the market at prices that might appeal to budget-conscious Macophiles.

Unzano Cheap 4K Webcam For Mac With Digital Zoom

Wide-Angle Lens : Includes Remote & USB-C Adapter

One thing to look for in product descriptions and specifications would be a note of a cheap 4K web camera using a SONY IMX-series Starvis 8MP sensor. Over the past year or two, the cost of Sony's popular 4K image sensor has come down in price to make relatively cheap 4K web cameras possible. Other 4K indications to look for are notes that the webcam supports resolutions up to 3840*2160. Some cheap, no-name webcam knockoffs from China may lie or exaggerate about their capabilities.

Depstech Cheap 4K Webcam For Mac

Includes Mini-Tripod and Privacy Shutter

Above are examples of low-cost 4K webcams currently available on Amazon. Note that 4K webcam capture ideally requires a 5GBps USB 3.0, USB 3.1/3.2 (USB-C) connection to handle the high data rates of 4K resolution. 720p and 1080p HD webcams work fine at USB 2.0 speeds.

ElGato FaceCam Mac Compatible Web Camera

El Gato HD Web Camera For MacOS
The Apple compatible FaceCam from ElGato is a new entry into the MacOS web camera market. Competing at the high end with other cameras like the Logitech Creator Camera and others in the $100+ price range, it strives to deliver a premium image.

ElGato FaceCam For MacOS

1080p Optical Glass Lens

Perhaps part of it's pricing is the fact it uses a very high-quality CMOS Sony STARVIS sensor for a highly detailed image through its optical quality glass lens. The ElGato Face Cam also has a standard 1/4" tripod camera mount hole which is a nice touch. Surprisingly, it has a Fixed-Focus lens, which is somewhat unusual since most high-end webcams usually have autofocus functions.

As a 1080p 60FPS HD web camera in this price range, it's surprising El Gato's Face Cam lacks a built-in microphone which most but not all MacOS friendly webcams include as standard. If you're a video podcaster or live streamer who already has a separate, dedicated USB or XLR microphone for broadcasts, this might be a good camera option..

Apple Mac mini USB Webcam Recommendations

Webcam Ports On Mac mini
Shopping for an external USB webcam for your Apple Mac mini desktop computer? With the recent refresh of the Mac mini desktop, a new wave of computer buyers may be looking for a MacOS compatible external HD webcam to plug into it's USB ports. Note that in it's latest revision, the mini now offers 4 Type-C Thunderbolt 3 ports (which also support up to 10Gbps USB 3.1 devices) as well as 2 more conventional Type-A USB 3.0 ports running at 5Gbps speeds.

4K Resolution Ultra-HD Webcam

4K Ultra HD Video Resolution : Up To 4096 x 2160 Pixels

If you opt for a high-end premium webcam for your Mac mini - like the Logitech Brio 4K HD webcam - you can leverage the higher bandwidth of the USB-C or USB-A connections for full 4K video capture. Prior to the 4K video revolution, USB 2.0 was sufficient for 1080p and 720p HD resolutions. That said, given the demands of 4K, the average Mac mini web camera buyers will be more than happy with the 1080p image and frame-rates of the top selling Logitech model, the C922 Stream Pro.

1080p HD Stream Pro Webcam

Standard Tripod Mount Compatible

If you have the budget, the Anker USB-C Combo webcam for Mac is perhaps your best Mac mini webcam option. With side-firing stereo speakers, an LED light bar, 4x microphone array, and AI tracking 1080p autofocus webcam adds alot of missing features an Mac mini needs right out of the box.

If your budget is minimal, there's any number of of 2nd-tier 'no-name' knockoff webcams compatible with your Mac mini that may meet your video chat and capture needs for 30 bucks or less. Many of these steal design elements of popular Logitech cameras to look like Logi models, but may not deliver the same image or audio quality. You also won't have access to Logitech's free webcam utility and will need to pay for a 3rd-party app to do any image adjustments.

Mac Compatible Amcrest HD Webcams With Privacy Cover

A quick review of the MacOS compatible Amcrest HD Pro web camera: It's a UVC compliant external USB web camera for Mac OSX 10.5+ plus. With a quality glass lens and fixed focus. It supports full 1080p HD resolution with a 70 degree FOV viewing angle. It works on any Apple Macintosh system with a USB 2.0 or faster port and is just plug and play with the webcam drivers already built into Mac OSX.

Apple Compatible Amcrest HD Pro Webcam

Tripod Mount, Built-In Privacy Cover

Amcrest is an established brand well-known largely for it's remote monitoring wired and wireless security camera line, so it's a fairly trusted brand. Thiese particular webcams for your Mac video conferencing and online chat needs includes a clip on flip-down webcam security cover if you're afraid you are unknowingly being recorded via spy cam malware or something.

Another external USB web camera model in their lineup is the Amcrest StreamPro. It features a wider angle field of view:better suited for group conferencing.

Wide-Angle Amcrest ProStream Webcam For Mac

90 Degree Field Of View - With Cover

Both have a built-in noise canceling microphones captures clean audio. Both of the MacOS friendly Amcrest StreamPro and Pro HD webcams have a flip-clip base incorporates a standard 1/4" camera mount hole for tripod mounting if desired.

Best Telehealth Videoconferencing Webcams For MacOS

mac-telemedicine-webcamApple computer users needing a remote telehealth / telemedicine conferencing cam might wonder what's the best Mac compatible external webcam for their virtual online telemedicine appointments.

A built-in iSight in an iMac or MacBook Pro/Air might be all you need for an 'okay' videoconference with your doctor. However, a MacOS friendly external webcam like a C922 Stream Pro webcam or the long popular C920 can be far more versatile in placement and positioning and of higher image quality, particularly if you have had a medical condition or procedure that requires visually showing your eDoctor it's status.

As long as your Mac is fairly recent, we recommend a 1080p HD web camera from a reputable manufacturer like Logitech to assure a sharp, accurate image for your eDoc healthcare video tele session. Lower resolution 720p webcams aren't as detailed. 4K webcams like the Ultra-HD 4K Logitech Brio is overkill and the recently released Logitech 1080p StreamCam is kind of pricey for telemedicine conferencing over the internet.

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Extra Wide Angle Lens Webcam For MacOS

Shopping for a wide angle webcam for Mac that has a wider field of view than most Apple compatible web cameras? With a FOV of 120 degrees, the MacOS friendly Genius W!00 WideCam encompasses more area than most other web cams. This may be ideal for security monitoring of a large area, or group video conferencing with a handful of participants.

Wide-Angle Mac Webcam

1080p HD + Dual Microphones

Some key features of the Mac compatible Genius F100 of note:
• Built-in stereo microphones
• 120 degree ultra wide angle lens
• Includes USB extension cable
• Full 1080p HD recording up to 30fps
• USB 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1 port compatible
• Works on Mac OSX 10.5 and up

Cheap Document Camera For MacOS

Looking for a low cost demo and presentation cam for education or business? Here'a the best cheap document cam compatible with Mac OSX that's easy on the budget. It's driverless UVC compliance makes it plug and play on any Macintosh desktop or MacBook laptop with a USB port.

Low-Cost Doc Cam For Mac

High 1080p Resolution + Auto-Focus

With a collapsable extension arm, this highly portable and affordable doc cam from Okiolabs is easy to adjust and position, making it ideal for papers, books, and 3D objects. This Mac compatible cheap document cam works with a wide array of Apple compatible educational, business and other video aware webcam apps for displaying, capturing and sharing content. Check out the MacOS software download section of their support website here.

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Streaming Webcam For Macs With Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Ports

Shopping for a webcam for MacOS that has a standard USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 compatible interface for newer Mac systems? The Logitech StreamCam is delivering a new 1080p HD web camera with a Type-C USB-C connector for direct connection without having to futz with a USB plug adapter that most other webcams would require.

Webcam For Thunderbolt 3 Enabled Macs

Native USB-C Type-C Connection

The vast majority of PC and Apple compatible web cameras still use a traditional rectangular Type-A USB connection, so it's nice to have the StreamCam webcam with the modernType-C connector for use on Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C Macs.

As a premium webcam for Mac users, the StreamCam can deliver very high frame-rates on modern Apple computers with an Intel i5 or greater processor and running the latest version of MacOS. Note: Logitech also offers a special webcam, the 4K Pro Magnetic, for the new Mac Pro XDR display that features a magnetic mount. Like it's cousin the Logitech Brio 4k Pro, It too comes with a native USB 3.1 Type-C connector for use on any Thunderbolt 3 port.