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Mac Compatible Webcams With Built-In Speakers

Mac Webcam With Internal Speakers
Shopping for a MacOS compatible web camera with built-in speakers? Professional group video conference cameras for business have long had them. However, more affordable personal webcams with internal speakers are showing up in the market. Mac friendly speakerphone webcams may make the most sense for Apple Mac Studio, Mac mini or Mac Pro desktop computer users, less so for MacBook Pro and Air, perhaps.

NewView Speakerphone Webcam For MacOS

2 Watt Speaker : Multi-Microphone Array

Often larger and wider than most personal webcams to accommodate the speaker drivers, the bulkier speakerphone web cameras might precariously perch atop a MacBook laptop's display. Most include a tripod mount option in the base of the clip for more stable placement. Note: Of the 3 speaker cams featured here, one has upward pointing, another forward, and yet another has rear-facing speaker directionality; something to consider.

eMeet Mac Webcam With Speakers

Stereo Speaker Drivers : 4 Noise Cancelling Microphones

Similar to the UVC - USB Video Class webcam standard that makes most cams Mac OSX compatible, the above NewView and eMeet web cameras with internal speakers also support UAC - USB Audio Class and show up in Apple's Sound Preference Pane as an available audio output device.

CaseCube All-In-One Ring Light Speaker Webcam

Separate 1/8" Audio Cable. Touch Button Light Control

Be aware: The above CaseCube 2K USB webcam with speakers and ring light is different from the others. Like some USB powered speakers, it uses a separate 1/8" - 3.5mm audio input cable to connect to the webcam's stereo speakers to your Mac. That might not be ideal depending on your Apple computer setup -- so it's something to be aware of in your Mac speaker webcam shopping evaluations.