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Best Telehealth Videoconferencing Webcams For MacOS

mac-telemedicine-webcamApple computer users needing a remote telehealth / telemedicine conferencing cam might wonder what's the best Mac compatible external webcam for their virtual online telemedicine appointments.

A built-in iSight in an iMac or MacBook Pro/Air might be all you need for an 'okay' videoconference with your doctor. However, a MacOS friendly external webcam like a C922 Stream Pro webcam or the long popular C920 can be far more versatile in placement and positioning and of higher image quality, particularly if you have had a medical condition or procedure that requires visually showing your eDoctor it's status.

As long as your Mac is fairly recent, we recommend a 1080p HD web camera from a reputable manufacturer like Logitech to assure a sharp, accurate image for your eDoc healthcare video tele session. Lower resolution 720p webcams aren't as detailed. 4K webcams like the Ultra-HD 4K Logitech Brio is overkill and the recently released Logitech 1080p StreamCam is kind of pricey for telemedicine conferencing over the internet.

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