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Logitech MeetUp Wide-Angle 4K HD Conferencing Camera For Mac

With a next-generation Ultra 4K HD group videoconferencing camera for MacOS, Logitech's new Apple compatible MeetUp webcam really raises the bar for premium voice and video conference solutions at a price small businesses can afford. It offers a very wide-angle 120 degree field of view, multiple beam-forming microphones, and a high-quality speakerphone. An RF remote allows control of motorized PTZ pan and tilt, digital zoom, audio, and call management. These functions can also be done on an iOS app which replicates the remote's buttons.

Logitech MeetUp 4K Video Conferencing System For MacOS

120 Degree FOV, Beam-Forming Mics, Speaker, Remote Control

4K HD Webcam System Requirements

For Apple users, system specifications for the Logitech Meetup conferencing camera start with Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite on up through the latest MacOS Sierra. The minimum CPU specs recommend a 2.4GHz or faster CPU on your MacBook or Mac and you need to take that seriously for high resolution conferencing.

While the Ultra HD webcam sensor can operate at up to 30FPS at a max resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, note your video chat app may not be capable of Ultra HD mode. Just as important, your internet bandwidth matters too, as to whether such high frame rates or resolutions are even possible on the receiving device. Lastly, it should also be noted that a 5Gbps USB 3.0 or 10Gbps 3.1 USB port is needed for 4K resolution. USB 2.0 ports are fast enough for more conventional 1080p or 720p HD webcams, but 4K mode needs USB 3.x speeds.

With physical dimensions of 4"H x 16"W x 3"D and weighing in at around 2 pounds, it's oblong design is ideal for mounting beneath a meeting room's large panel LCD TV or display. An optional extension microphone is available to extend the camera's 8 foot range to 14 feet in larger meeting rooms.You can learn more detailed specs about the MeetUp cam here.