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Rocketfish RF-HDWeb Webcam For Mac : Cheap High-Quality HD Camera

On a tight budget? Have you been researching and shopping for an external USB webcam which is known to be compatible with your Mac computer system? We can highly recommend the Mac compatible RocketFish RF-HD Web as a great, low-cost camera choice for your preferred Mac internet video conferencing program or for capturing video clips for use in iMovie segments or for uploading to YouTube and other video sites. For such a cheap webcam, it delivers a sharp quality image comparable to an Apple built-in iSight camera - while offering a pivoting camera head to give far more versatility in camera angles. It also has great color-balance and light-response.

HD Autofocus Web Camera For Mac

720p Resolution With Noise Canceling Mic

Essential Webcam Features

A few particularly special features of a RocketFish RF-HDWeb webcam for Mac include instant Plug-N-Play compatibility with Mac OSX version 10.4 or greater. All you have to do is plug it into a high-speed USB port. Apple’s OS X includes low-level USB Video Class - UVC hardware drivers so that the webcam will be immediately usable by simply connecting it into any available USB 2.0 or SuperSpeed 3.0 port on your Mac laptop or desktop computer.

Audio Handling Capabilities Of The RocketFish RF-HDWeb

The RocketFish RF-HDWeb webcam also includes a built-in microphone of decent quality that might even be better than the internal mic in your Mac desktop or laptop computer. For particular Mac desktop computers such as a Mac mini or a Macintosh Pro, there is no included microphone. Therefore, buying a Rocket Fish RF-HDWeb webcam with an internal microphone also yields the capability of recording audio as well, from a single USB connection.

Additional Webcam Functionality Of The RocketFish RF-HDWeb

The RocketFish RF-HD Mac webcam's mounting clip includes a versatile flip-clip to position it to your MacBook display or atop a desktop monitor. Small rubber pads on the mount help hold it in place a bit better than cameras that don't include this. Although the camera has a small still-picture snapshot button atop the camera's body, there's no Mac software to sense and take advantage of it.

Cost Of RocketFish RF-HDWeb

With a typical selling price of around $20 USD this surprisingly sharp webcam is a very affordable choice for nearly any Mac owner's wallet yet still offering a really exceptional 720p HD webcam online chat and video capture experience very cheaply.