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MacAlly IceCam2 For Mac : Budget VGA Web Camera Review

It may be a widely available external USB webcam which works on a Mac computer system -- But that's not enough to overcome it's shortcomings. The Mac compatible MacAlly IceCam 2 has been on the market for YEARS. It was one of the first UVC compatible webcams for Mac when few others existed. But sadly, the image (ahem) 'quality' is so lacking, it's nothing but a cheap piece of plastic junk with a USB cable attached to it.

MacAlly Low-Resolution VGA Webcam Mac

Cheap Mediocre 640x480 Camera

A 1.3 megapixel 640x480 VGA resolution cam, it's now superceeded by far sharper 720p HD cameras in this price range. It's good enough for basic video chat, but the real problem is the off-color Blue / Greenish tint to the entire image. The color accuracy is in a nutshell, horrible.

Audio Capture Abilities Of The MacAlly IceCam 2

The MacAlly IceCam 2 webcam includes an internal microphone which, in testing, sounded tinny and hollow compared to a MacBook's internal mic and abysmal compared to higher quality mic audio in most of the other webcams we've tested.

Additional Webcam Functionality Of The MacAlly IceCam 2

The only redeeming feature of the MacAlly IceCam 2 for Mac webcam is it's mount apparatus. It uses a sprint-loaded clip to SECURELY and firmly position it to whatever you can clamp it onto. We wish other webcam manufacturers used such a Stay-Put design.

Pricing On MacAlly IceCam 2

With a typical street price of under $25 this disappointing and cheap webcam is impossible to recommend even if the MacAlly cam was only $10. Avoid. The off-color image, poor light management and sub-par microphone are eclipsed by many other Apple compatible web cameras in this price range.