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HP 4310 Webcam For Mac : AutoFocus 1080p HD Web Camera Review

Are you researching and shopping for an external USB webcam which is known to be compatible with your Mac computer setup? The Mac compatible HP 4310 is a great cam choice for your favorite Mac online video conferencing application or for recording video clips for use in iMovie segments or for uploading to YouTube, Daily Motion, Vine, or other popular video services.

Noteworthy Webcam Features

A few particularly notable features of the HP 4310 webcam for Mac include assured compatibility with Mac OS X version 10.X or higher. You simply need plug it in. Apple’s OSX includes system-level UVC - USB Video Class hardware drivers so that the HP webcam will be immediately recognized and ready by just merely connecting it into any available USB SuperSpeed 3.0 or 2.03.0 port on your Mac desktop or notebook computer.

Although you'll find 3 buttons atop the camera, they're not usable on Mac OSX, so just ignore them. There's only Windows software available to take a stiil snapshot or email or socially share it using the buttons. Which is ok anyways. Just trying to press the snapshot buttons tends to jiggle or knock the camera out of focus anyways! Just one of the dumbest features the world of webcams really didn't need.

Hewlett-Packard Premium HD Webcam Mac

1080p HD + AutoFocus + Stereo Microphones

Audio Handling Abilities Of The HP 4310

The HP 4310 webcam also features dual, stereo microphone of excellent sound quality which might even be an improvement than an internal microphone in a Mac desktop or laptop computer. For particular Mac desktop computers like a Mac mini or a Macintosh Pro, there is no microphone. So, adding a HP 4310 webcam with it’s included microphone also yields the capability of recording audio as well, via just one USB device.

Additional Webcam Functionality Of The HP 4310

The HP 4310 or Mac webcam mounting apparatus includes a versatile clip to position it to a MacBook display or your desktop monitor. A standard camera tripod mounting screw hole is incorporated into the camera body which can insure a stable, steady image and hold the precision camera angle and position that you intend.

Pricing Of HP 4310

Commonly available at a typical street price of around $40 USD this quality webcam from HP is an easily affordable option for nearly any budget yet still offering an exceptional webcam conferencing and video capture experience.