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Creative Labs Live Cam Chat Webcam For Mac : 720P HD Camera Review

Are you researching and shopping for a low-cost external UVC compliant USB webcam which is fully compatible with your Mac computer? The Mac compatible Creative Labs Live Cam Chat is a great budget cam choice for your favorite Mac online video conferencing program or for recording video projects for use with iMovie segments or for your uploads to YouTube or other popular internet video sites.

Creative 720p HD Webcam For Mac

Fixed Focus - Noise Reduction Mic

Noteworthy Webcam Features

A few particularly special features of a Creative Labs Live Cam Chat webcam for Mac include instant compatibility with Mac OS X version 10.5x or greater. Creative was one of the first companies to jump on the UVC compliant webcam standard and have been shipping Apple compatible cameras for years. You simply need plug it in. Apple’s OS X includes basic UVC - USB Video Class drivers so the webcam will be immediately usable by just merely an open USB SuperSpeed 3.0 or 2.0 port on the Mac laptop or desktop system.

Audio Capture Abilities Of The Creative Labs Live Cam Chat

The Creative Labs Live Cam Chat webcam also features an internal, noise cancelling microphone of fairly decent sound quality which may be better than the internal mic in your Mac desktop or laptop computer. For particular Mac desktop computer models like a Mac mini or a Macintosh Pro, there is no microphone. Therefore, connecting a Creative Labs Live Cam Chat webcam with an internal microphone adds the ability to record audio too, from a single USB device.

Additional Webcam Features Of The Creative Labs Live Cam Chat

The Creative Labs Live Cam Chat or Mac webcam mount apparatus includes a versatile clip to position it to your MacBook display or desktop monitor. Sadly it doesn't have an industry standard camera mount hole which is often handy for a really stable setup.

Affordability Of Creative Labs Live Cam Chat

Commonly available at a typical listed price of about $20 this 720p HD webcam is a highly affordable option for practically anyone’s budget while still delivering a good 720p high-definition webcam online chat and video recording experience. It's notably better than the lower-end Live Cam Sync - but at the same price. It's one of our favorite cheap Mac compatible webcams.