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Anker Power Conf Webcams Mac Compatible? Your Best Options

A new range of premium Apple compatible web cameras from AnkerWork have hit the market with their PowerConf line of HD and Ultra HD web cameras. Their MacOS compatible webcams also are supported by a downloadable Mac OSX webcam settings and camera control app to help get the maximum image quality and control over your video streaming and conferencing presence.

Their most interesting product is the AnkerWork B600 All-In-One HD webcam with a quad microphone array, side-firing stereo speakers, and an LED light bar for supplemental key or fill lighting to improve your image. This makes the B900 a VERY interesting and compelling solution for M1 Mac Studio and Mac mini computer owners who need a microphone, web camera and better speakers for their otherwise bare-bones Macintosh purchase.

Anker Flip-Up Light Bar Webcam For Mac

Microphone + Stereo Speakers + LED Ringlight

For a more traditional Premium 1080p HD webcam here's the OSX friendly Anker PowerConf C300 webcam with native USB-C interface for newer Thunderbolt 3 / Thunderbolt 4 M1 Mac computers.

High-Frame Rate Mac AI Autofocus Webcam

1080 HD at 60FPS : Great Mac Software Support

For a highly portable and compact external Mac compatible USB HD webcam, here's the affordable AnkerWork Power Conf 200 for Mac with dual mics and integrated webcam privacy control.

Portable Anker USB HD Web Camera for Mac

Stereo-Microphones : Built-In Privacy Shutter

For Anker's Mac OSX webcam software control app, just visit the AnkerWork software downloads section of their support site.

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