Razer Kiyo Ring Light Webcam Mac Compatible?

Web Camera With Ring Light For MacOS
Apple users tempted by the appeal of a HD webcam with built-in ring light may have stumbled across listings for the hi-def 1080p Razer Kiyo HD Webcam wondering if it's Mac compatible. Currently the vast majority of web camera device manufacturers have long since switched to the UVC - USB Video Class device standard. UVC allows webcams to be plug-and-play on modern operating systems like Windows 7-10, MacOS since OSX 10.5, Unix/Linux and Android OS, so basic functionality is assured.

From a video I've seen on YouTube, the Kiyo was demonstrated on a MacBook pro confirming the cam is UVC compliant and works under OSX 10.5 and beyond up to the current MacOS Catalina.

Dimmable Ringlight Webcam For Mac

Adjustable On-Cam Lighting Control

Apparently something was amiss with the initial audio hardware or implementation at Razer (who otherwise specializes in flashy, high-end Windows gaming peripherals.) The Kiyo webcam with built-in ring light needed a firmware update to correct some issues. The updater only ran on Windows. As such, Razer's lack of explicit support for Mac made the earliest versions of the camera a less-than-optimal choice for Macintosh users shopping for an external USB Mac compatible webcam.

Marantz Turret Desktop Webcam For Mac

Web Camera With Ring Light & Microphone

One alternative is a rather pricey and high-end webcam / mic / ringlight / USB hub combo: Check out the Marantz Turret Pro Broadcaster instead which is worth a look-see if you're looking for a 1-piece audio - video conferencing / streaming webcam with ringlight that IS Mac OSX compatible. There's also several generic brand ringlight cameras appearing on Amazon that have a simialr ringlight design around the webcam lens.