Razer Kiyo Ring Light Webcam Mac Compatible?

Web Camera With Ring Light For MacOS
Apple users tempted by the appeal of a HD webcam with built-in ring light may have stumbled across listings for the Razer Kiyo thinking it's Mac compatible. Well, it OUGHT to be as the vast majority of web camera device manufacturers have long since switched to the UVC - USB Video Class device standard. UVC allows webcams to be plug-and-play on modern operating systems like Windows 7-10, MacOS since OSX 10.5, Unix/Linux and Android OS.

Apparently something was amiss with the hardware or implementation at Razer (who otherwise specializes in flashy, high-end Windows gaming peripherals. Recently the Kiyo webcam with built-in ring light needed a firmware update to correct some issues. The updater only runs on Windows. As such, Razer's lack of explicit support for Mac makes that camera a sub-optimal choice for Macintosh users shopping for an external USB Mac compatible webcam.

The alternative is a rather pricey and high-end webcam / mic / ringlight / USB hub combo: Check out the Marantz Turret Pro Broadcaster instead which is worth a look-see if you're looking for a 1-piece audio - video conferencing / streaming webcam with ringlight that IS Mac OSX compatible.