New Logitech ConferenceCam Connect For Mac OSX Group Conferencing

Is your business in the market for an external USB video conferencing webcam which is known to be fully compatible with a Mac computer system? The Apple compatible ConferenceCam Connect is a next-generation group video conference camera choice for your preferred OS X web video chat app for personal use, or for professional multi-party conferences using Skype or Microsoft Lync around the country or around the globe.

Premium Conferencing Cam For Mac OSX
Mac Business Conference Webcam
Remote Control and SpeakerPhone Functions

Noteworthy Conference Cam Webcam Features

Some of the particularly note-worthy features of a ConferenceCam Connect webcam for Mac include assured compatibility with Mac OSX version 10.6+ or higher. You simply need plug it in. Apple’s OSX includes basic USB Video Class - UVC hardware drivers so that the webcam will be immediately usable by merely connecting it to any available USB 3.0 or 2.0 port on your Mac desktop or notebook computer system. It includes a battery-powered Remote control to manage all aspects of a video conference call: From Pan and Zoom of the webcam, to speaker volume control and mute, to Skype call disconnect (with additional Mac OSX plugin installed).

The camera has an internal battery - something new in conference webcams. You can connect it via USB to your MacBook laptop and hold a videoconference over your WiFi network without necessarily needing to be hooked up to AC power.

Audio Handling Abilities Of The ConferenceCam Connect

The ConferenceCam Connect webcam additionally features full-duplex speakerphone functionality. The internal noise canceling microphones are of excellent quality which let room participants up to 12 feet away be heard clearly during a voice or video session. A loud and very high-quality internal, down-firing speaker in the cylindrical camera radiates room-filling 360 sound.

Additional Webcam Functionality Of The ConferenceCam Connect

The ConferenceCam Connect or Mac webcam also supports HDMI video out to a conference room projector or screen if needed. And there's Bluetooth 4.0 NFC support for iPhone or Android phone users to participate in a voice conference as well. The unit also includes an AC wall power adapter, though the camera can be recharged via a MacBook's USB port if need be in a pinch.


Pricing Of ConferenceCam Connect

With a typical listed MRSP price of $499 this business grade webcam is going to be beyond the reach of many - though street pricing is typically $100 or more less. (For more affordable group conferences, the Logitech BCC950 is a lower-cost alternative with many of the same features.) However the compelling features make this an exceptional webcam .