Logitech C930e Webcam For Mac : Premium 1080p Web Camera Review

Want the absolutely best Mac USB HD webcam money can buy? Have you been shopping for a very high-quality external HD webcam which is known to be tested compatible with your Mac computer system? The Mac compatible Logitech C930e is a great camera choice for experiencing razor-sharp, 720p high-definition Mac online video chat sessions or for capturing pristine 1080p video clips for use with iMovie or for uploading to YouTube and other popular video websites.

Logitech C930e Premium Mac HD Webcam

Stereo Mics - Zeiss Lens - 1080p HD - Superior Clarity

Essential Webcam Features

Some of the particularly special features of the Logitech C930 webcam for Mac include H.264 video compression to insure a smoother Skype HD session, or reduce the file size of video captured to disk. A Carl Zeiss optical-quality glass lens delivers image sharpness that no other competitor can match. Color fidelity and light-sensitivity is really exceptional. For many Mac users, this camera delivers a fantastic image out of the box in a wide variety of lighting settings automatically.

The camera also has a WIDE-ANGLE 90 degree field of view, about 10-15 degrees wider than most webcams. This makes it ideal for two-person chats side by side in it's wide 16:9 HD video-frame. It's very fast, smooth and responsive Auto-Focus is exceptionally fluid and responsive. On other cheap Apple compatible webcams you might find the camera's autofocus slow and erratic trying to stay in focus when there's alot of movement.

The 930e needs no additional software to deliver a great image in adequate lighting. However, a image adjustment utility for OSX is available on the camera's support page. Assured compatibility with Mac OS X version 10.5+ or greater. All you have to do is plug it in. Apple’s OSX operating system includes low-level UVC - USB Video Class hardware drivers so the webcam will be instantly recognized and ready by just merely connecting it to any available USB 3.0 or 2.03.0 port on the Mac laptop or desktop computer.

Audio Capture Capabilities Of The Logitech C930

The Logitech C930 webcam also features stereo internal microphones of exceptional quality that are better than the internal mic in a Mac desktop or laptop computer. For particular Mac desktop systems like the Mac mini or a Macintosh Pro, there is no microphone at all. Therefore, adding a Logitech C930 webcam with it's dual internal microphones also adds the ability to record really high-quality audio as well, using just a single USB connection.

Additional Webcam Features Of The Logitech C930

The Logitech C930e for Mac webcam mounting clip includes an adjustable clip to attach it to the lid of a MacBook display or atop a desktop computer monitor. An industry standard camera tripod mounting screw hole is incorporated into the 903's camera body which will help assure a stable and steady camera image and hold the precision camera position and angle of your choosing when used with a desktop or floor-standing tripod.

Affordability Of Logitech C930

With a typical street price just over $100 this extremely high-quality webcam ain't cheap. But it's so vastly superior to any of Apple's built-in iSight cameras, it's worth it for achieving professional results. It's an exceptional webcam that delivers a superlative internet conferencing and video recording experience that's worth every cent to professional and business users who want to project a razor-sharp image.