Logitech C922 Stream Pro Webcam For Mac : Higher Frame-Rates

The largely Apple compatible C922 Stream Pro webcam from Logitech is a premium 1080p and 720p HD web camera with H.264 video compression that boasts improved frame-rates over it's predecessor. It replaces the #1-selling Mac compatible C920 webcam which has been on the market for over 4 years. However, note the software bundle of XSplit live streaming and Personify background replacement apps mentioned in it's enhanced features are for Windows PC users ONLY.

1080p HD Stream Pro Webcam

Free Mini-Tripod Is Included

Though it appears largely similar to the C920, the C922 is a different camera. Visually it features an apparently darker black casing and white LED accent rings around it's face. The internal circuitry has also been enhanced to provide "Up To" 60FPS at 720p and 30FPS at 1080p. Do note that achieving optimal frame-rates is also directly correlated to optimal lighting conditions no matter which webcam you buy, so keep good lighting in mind for any of your video capture or conferencing sessions.

Although it is a premium web camera with great clarity, color and light sensitivity - I do note that unlike the C930e, ConferenceCam Connect and other top-end Logitech models, the C922 doesn't brag about having a branded Carl Zeiss optical quality glass lens.

The C922 Stream Pro for Mac includes a fully adjustable tabletop tripod with swivel mount that extends to 18.5cm. But do note: Logitech has also been selling a C922X version that does NOT include the tripod. To avoid confusion it helps to think of the 'X' as being crossed-out, without the tripod. Unless you don't need or want the tripod, watch online prices for the webcam very closely: I've seen the model with the free webcam tripod selling for less than the X-model without it.