Logitech C270 Webcam For Mac : 720p HD Web Camera Review

Are you in the market for a low-cost external USB webcam which is known to be tested compatible with a Mac computer setup? The Mac compatible Logitech C270 is a fairly good cheap webcam choice for your favorite Mac OSX online video chat program or for grabbing video clips for use in iMovie segments or for your Vine, FaceBook, or YouTube uploads and other popular video websites. Many users will find it's image sharpness and color fidelity equal to - or better than the iSight camera built into some Mac models.

Logitech C270 Mac HD Cam w/ Mic

Cheap Fixed Focus 720p HD Camera

Essential Webcam Features

A few particularly note-worthy features of a Logitech HD C270 webcam for Mac include 720p HD resolution with a 2MP sensor, a hassle-free fixed focus lens and a built in mic. There's assured compatibility with Mac OS X version 10.5 or greater. One just needs to plug it in. Apple’s OS X includes basic UVC - USB Video Class hardware drivers so the webcam will be immediately usable by simply plugging it into an available USB 2.0 or faster port on your MacBook notebook or desktop Macintosh computer system.

Audio Handling Abilities Of The Logitech C270

The Logitech C270 HD webcam additionally features a built-in microphone of reasonable sound quality which may be an improvement than an internal microphone in a Mac desktop or laptop computer. For certain Mac desktop computers such as a Mac mini or a Macintosh Pro, there isn’t any microphone. So, using a Logitech C270 webcam with an internal microphone also adds the capability of recording audio too, via just one USB device.

Additional Webcam Functionality Of The Logitech C270

The Logitech C270 or Mac webcam mount clip includes an adjustable, folding clip to position it to your MacBook display or your desktop computer monitor. A standard camera tripod mounting screw hole sadly is not incorporated into the camera body.

Affordability Of Logitech C270

Commonly available at a typical listed price of around $25 USD this budget HD webcam is a very affordable choice for nearly any wallet while still delivering a very usable internet conferencing and video recording experience. However we recommend spending another $5 or so and moving up to the 3MP sensor Logitech C310 as a slightly better option with more image detail.