Ipevo HD Document Camera For Mac : Doc Camera Review

Are you an educator or presenter? Have you been in the market for an external document webcam that is tested compatible with a Mac computer system? The Mac compatible Ipevo Ziggi-HD USB document cam is a great document cam choice for your school classroom or conference room.

1080p HD Document Camera For Mac

WiFi Wireless Version Available

Essential Ziggi Doc Camera Features

Some of the particularly notable features of the Ipevo Ziggi-HD document cam webcam for Mac is it's high-resolution 5MP sensor for high-definition resolutions up to 2592 x 1944. It can focus sharply to within 2.2 inches of a document or object for detailed close-ups.

Instant compatibility with Mac OSX: All you have to do is plug it in. Apple’s OS X includes low-level USB Video Class - UVC hardware drivers so the webcam will be instantly usable by merely plugging it into any available USB 3.0 or 2.0 port on the Mac desktop or notebook system.

Mac HD Document Camera Controls
The Ziggi HD camera has a range of buttons: Manual focus with a zoom button for adjustment, a switch for auto-manual focus mode, and a +/- lighting exposure adjustment built atop the camera head. The head itself pivots 270 degrees side-to side to pan around a document or object if needed. The Ipevo document cam for Mac is built-into an expandable, pivoting stand to precisely position it above your presentation materials or objects.

Audio Capture Capabilities Of The Ipevo Ziggi-HD Document Cam

The Ipevo Ziggi-HD document cam webcam does have built-in microphone if needed for voice conferencing.

Affordability Of Ipevo Ziggi-HD document cam

With a typical street price of around $100 USD this best-selling document cam from Ipevo is a very affordable option for practically any school or businesses budget while still delivering a really exceptional presentation or educational experience. A wireless WiFi version of the cam is available for about $50 more.