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Extra Wide Angle Lens Webcam For MacOS

Shopping for a wide angle webcam for Mac that has a wider field of view than most Apple compatible web cameras? With a FOV of 120 degrees, the MacOS friendly Genius W!00 WideCam encompasses more area than most other web cams. This may be ideal for security monitoring of a large area, or group video conferencing with a handful of participants.

Wide-Angle Mac Webcam

1080p HD + Dual Microphones

  • Some key features of the Mac compatible Genius F100 of note:
  • Built-in stereo microphones
  • 120 degree ultra wide angle lens
  • Includes USB extension cable
  • Full 1080p HD recording up to 30fps
  • USB 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1 port compatible
  • Works on Mac OSX 10.5 and up

Cheap Document Camera For MacOS

Looking for a low cost demo and presentation cam for education or business? Here'a a cheap document cam compatible with Mac OSX that's easy on the budget. It's driverless UVC compliance makes it plug and play on any Macintosh desktop or MacBook laptop with a USB port.

Low-Cost Doc Cam For Mac

High 1080p Resolution + Auto-Focus

With a collapsable, extension arm, this highly portable and affordable doc cam is easy to adjust and position, making it ideal for papers, books, and 3D objects. It works with a wide array of Apple compatible educational, business and other video aware webcam apps for displaying, capturing and sharing content.

Razer Kiyo Ring Light Webcam Mac Compatible?

Web Camera With Ring Light For MacOS
Apple users tempted by the appeal of a HD webcam with built-in ring light may have stumbled across listings for the hi-def 1080p Razer Kiyo HD Webcam wondering if it's Mac compatible. Currently the vast majority of web camera device manufacturers have long since switched to the UVC - USB Video Class device standard. UVC allows webcams to be plug-and-play on modern operating systems like Windows 7-10, MacOS since OSX 10.5, Unix/Linux and Android OS, so basic functionality is assured.

From a video I've seen on YouTube, the Kiyo was demonstrated on a MacBook pro confirming the cam is UVC compliant and works under OSX 10.5 and beyond up to the current MacOS Catalina.

Dimmable Ringlight Webcam For Mac

Adjustable On-Cam Lighting Control

Apparently something was amiss with the initial audio hardware or implementation at Razer (who otherwise specializes in flashy, high-end Windows gaming peripherals.) The Kiyo webcam with built-in ring light needed a firmware update to correct some issues. The updater only ran on Windows. As such, Razer's lack of explicit support for Mac made the earliest versions of the camera a less-than-optimal choice for Macintosh users shopping for an external USB Mac compatible webcam.

Marantz Turret Desktop Webcam For Mac

Web Camera With Ring Light & Microphone

One alternative is a rather pricey and high-end webcam / mic / ringlight / USB hub combo: Check out the Marantz Turret Pro Broadcaster instead which is worth a look-see if you're looking for a 1-piece audio - video conferencing / streaming webcam with ringlight that IS Mac OSX compatible. There's also several generic brand ringlight cameras appearing on Amazon that have a simialr ringlight design around the webcam lens.

Apple Compatible USB Digital Microscopes

Shopping for a digital USB microscope that works on Mac OSX? It isn't just webcams that have adopted the USB Video Class camera standard. There's now a decent range of UVC digital computer microscopes and inspection scopes that are UVC compliant and compatible with any modern OS : MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

Omax HD UVC Digital Microscope

Optical & Digital Imaging

The Go-To brand seems to be Amscope with good software support for Macintosh computers. Omax is another digital USB scope manufacturer worth checking out. Some are conventional computer lab microscopes for medical or biological uses that combine both optical eye-pieces plus a digital camera sensor for capturing and recording whatever it sees under high magnification. Windows users will likely find snapshot and video capture apps more readily available, but Linux and Mac OS users will find any general purpose still image or video capture program will let them capture images or video clips from the digital computer microscope's sensor.

Amscope Trinocular Digital Lab Scope

5MP Mac Compatible Camera

There are also many MacOS friendly UVC compatible inspection microscopes for business, industrial, construction or hobbyist uses. Some are handheld such as dental cameras, some feature a mounting stand, others may have a long or extended cable for, say, automotive engine or in-wall construction inspections.

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