Logitech C510 vs C525 Webcams For Mac : Differences Explained

Some prospective Apple compatible webcam buyers are confused about the differences between Logitech's 510 and 525 HD web cameras which look very similar. Both the C510 and C525 are Mac-friendly UVC - USB Video Class device compliant web cameras from Logitech. That means they'll 'Just Work' on Mac OS X 10.4 and higher - all the way through MacOS Sierra using Apple's low-level webcam drivers built into the operating system.

Logitech C525 Webcam For Mac OSX

Auto-Focus 720p HD Resolution

The C510 and C525 are virtually indistinguishable on the outside. On the C525, only the word 'Autofocus' surrounding the camera's optics and strangely, fewer pinholes for the noise-canceling built-in microphone element: 4 holes on the 525 vs 11 holes on the 510 model.

Logitech C510 Webcam For Mac OSX

Fixed-Focus 720p HD Resolution

It should be noted both cameras have been discontinued and superceded by Logitech's C615 autofocus webcam model which takes the HD resolution up to full 1080p HD and includes a standard camera thread tripod mounting hole. For cameras that support H.264 video compression, you have to move up to a C920 or C930e model.

Both webcams support maximum 720p HD resolution. So the singularly most important thing that sets the two apart is basically the 510 is FIXED focus (which some prefer for use in, say, Stop-Motion animation setups) versus the ultra-smooth AUTOFOCUS of the 525. It should be noted Logitech delivers exceptionally smooth and responsive autofocus, many lesser AF webcams can be noticeably slow and sluggish or very jerky and 'steppy' in response.

Both cams have a plastic - though optical quality lens and offer excellent clarity color fidelity. In our testing, both are notably superior in image than the built-in Apple iSight webcam in our MacBook. The built-in microphone with noise-cancellation is of good sound quality too, far better than most cheap import UVC webcams from China.

Lastly, both the Logitech C525 and C510 Mac compatible webcams share the same Fold and Go pivoting camera head design like the C615 that makes for easy portability and lens protection from scratches and smudges when folded closed for privacy or travel.