Logitech B910 vs C910 Webcams For Mac : Differences Explained

Confused about the differences between the Mac compatible Logitech C910 and B910 models of web cameras? Don't be. Although Logitech has discontinued both, the B910 model still widely available at a reasonable price. So, why the difference between 'B' and 'C'? Electrically, the cameras are completely the same. It's just about Branding, Product ID's and SKU markings. Logitech has a 'Business - B' division for Unified Communications peripherals and a 'Consumer - C' division. In a few instances the same products were labeled and shipped as 'B' models and 'C models' to different markets.

Logitech B910 Webcam For Mac

720p HD Resolution, Autofocus, Dual Microphones

Featuring widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio HD video, stereo audio and Carl Zeiss optics, it offers up to 720p HD video calling or capture at up to 30 frames per second. Dual high-quality microphone elements deliver wideband stereo audio capture. The B910/C910 camera has a 78-degree field of view and razor-sharp Carl Zeiss optical glass lens. Logitech's exceptionally smooth and responsive autofocus helps keeps images incredibly sharp and detailed, even when close-up.

This UVC-compliant, plug-and-play webcam automatically uses Apple system drivers built-into MacOS Sierra, OSX ElCapitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Leopard and Lion. With it's exceptional light response, color accuracy and smooth autofocus, most Mac users with adequate room lighting won't really need any image adjustment software.