Logitech 4K Pro vs Brio HD Webcam For Mac

Some prospective buyers pondering the purchase of a Mac compatible 4K webcam might be confused by Logitech listing of what appear to be identical Ultra-HD web camera models. They initially released the Ultra-HD 4K 'Brio' model of webcam a year or so ago, but recently there's been product listings of a similar-looking '4K Pro' webcam model appearing on their website and at online technology sales sites as well.

4K Pro Ultra HD Mac Friendly Webcam

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In reality, it's just another instance of Logitech confusing the marketplace with inconsistent branding / naming conventions. In the past they've sold the exact same webcams for Mac and Windows under differing naming schemes.. For example the C910 vs B910 webcams simply had a different model designator: 'C' for 'Consumer' and 'B' for 'Business' users. The actual hardware was identical and both were high-quality Apple compatible webcams with 720p HD resolution and ultra-smooth autofocus and a razor-sharp Ziess optical quality glass lens.

In this case it seems they simply dropped the Brio name and rebranded it on their website depending on whether you're on their Business or Consumer product listing pages. Both use the same model #: "PN: 960-001178" So, if you're an Apple computer owner wanting and needing the highest capture resolution currently possible, EITHER camera - regardless of how its branded is one in the same.

(Do note: To capture in ultra-high 4K resolution, you need to make sure you're directly connected to a 5Gbps USB 3.0 or 3.1 port to utilize the webcam's highest-resolution mode. USB 2.0 speed ports, which are fine for 720p and 1080p webcams, just don't cut it in the 4K world.)